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SignFX provides innovative and bespoke solutions that optimise your specifications in terms of quality, value and durability, resulting in a final product that is project-managed to meet your budget and timing requirements.

Outdoor signage and advertising are a significant part of any company. Custom outdoor signs for business will widen the marketing reach for your goods and services.

For shops, warehouses, commercial outlets, events, trade shows, exhibitions, residential and commercial buildings, to let signs, for sale signs and fence branding are just a few examples of outdoor branding. In short, outdoor advertising is a necessary part of your business growth.

Indoor signage is necessary for businesses, offices, and other institutions. Indoor business signs have always been around; you have the entry & exit signs, washroom, and compliance signs etc. But today indoor signage has come to represent much more.

The indoor signs designed by SignFx have helped many businesses in Auckland when it comes to customer care. They have helped build a positive impression. Our designs have created a cohesive and professional appearance for many offices and institutions. It has been proven many times that properly strategised indoor company signs help customers and clients have a better overall experience.

Our abilities are apparent in the diversity of our client base. Our clients include major brands in the healthcare, property, automotive, educational, retail, government entities and service sectors.


Exterior Signage

  • Plinths

  • Illuminated Signs

  • Large Installs

  • Fabricated Letters

  • Cut Out Letters

  • Painted Signs

  • Anti-Graffiti Film

  • Digital

  • Sandwich Board & Flags


Interior Signage

  • Reception

  • Point of Sale

  • Wayfinding

  • Wallpapers & Films

  • Glass Manifestations

  • Frosting

  • Change out displays

  • Safety

  • 3D logos



  • POS

  • Retail activation


Hand Painted 

  • Personalised hand painted signage

  • Interior and exterior

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